Force Reboot XenDesktop VM's atleast once a day

One of Industry recommendations for PVS streamed machines is to have them reboot once in 24 hrs.
This can be achieved with following settings

  • Make sure the default Group Logoff Behavior is set to Shutdown (Default), if not PowerShell Command to Set is
    Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -Name “DG Name” -ShutdownDesktopsAfterUse $True

    To find out the current setting use the following PowerShell command.
    PS C:\> Get-BrokerDesktopGroup | FL Name,ShutdownDesktopsAfterUse
    Name : NY_Pool
    ShutdownDesktopsAfterUse : True
  • Under the Power Management of the Desktop Group, choose a period where the usage is zero and set accordingly so all idle machines are powered down. In this case during 3AM – 4AM all idle machines will be shutdown.
    XenDesktop Power Managment
  • Configure Connection Timers: a) maximum connection timer, b) disconnect timer from HDX User Policies of XenDesktop 5.
    Force Logoff after 8hr / 480 mins and disconnect the session with 30 mins of no user input.
    Session Timer

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  1. In your example not all idle machines are shutdown between 3-4 pm, because the OffPeakBufferSizePercent is set to 10% by Default in XenDesktop. So 10% of your machines are still powered on. You should set this to 0% to make sure all machines are powered off.
    Set-brokerdesktopgroup -name -offpeakbuffersizepercent 0

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