Auto/Force Redirect USB Storage Devices in XenDesktop 5+ with Receiver 3+

With XenDesktop 5 and the new Receiver 3+, even if Connect all available USB devices is set using icaclient usb.adm ; the usb storage devices are not redirected automatically by default.
Performed tracing with CDFControl using following modules

  • IcaClient_GenericUsb_Ctxusbm
  • IcaClient_GenericUsb_Ctxusbr
  • IcaClient_GenericUsb_Vdgusb

CDF Trace output

Using desktop setting for ExistingDevices, value Always
Using desktop setting for NewDevices, value Always
Using desktop setting for ShowAllDevices, value false
Descriptor: D57 Vid_1b1c Pid_1a01 Class 00 Subclass 00 Prot 00 nCfg 1
: D57 0x0000:0 is 4 bytes
Device supports language id 0x0409
Using language id 0x0409
: D57 0x0409:1 is 16 bytes
: D57 0x0409:2 is 30 bytes
: D57 0x0409:3 is 32 bytes
DeviceName: 'Corsair Voyager GT 3.0'
Seen: Audio=0 Hid=0 Printer=0 Storage=1 Video=0 Image=0 Other=0
Simple mass storage
Device D57 allowAutoRedirect = false


[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\ICA Client\GenericUSB\Devices]
[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Citrix\ICA Client\USB]

for x64 use the Wow6432Node key

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