Maintenance tip for XenServer Hosting XenDesktop

Need to apply a patch or Driver update on a production Xenserver that needs a reboot?

  1. Using workload balancing appliance; exclude the host for placement
  2. Run the following script on the XenDesktop controller which shuts down the machines that are on Ready state
    [sourcecode language=”powershell” wraplines=”true” collapse=”false”]
    #Maintenance XenServer XDXS07
    Get-BrokerDesktop -HostingServerName XDXS07 | % {
    if($_.SummaryState -eq "Available") {New-BrokerHostingPowerAction -Action ‘Shutdown’ -MachineName $_.MachineName}
  3. XenMotion the rest of the machines in disconnected or InUse state to other hosts

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