Force specific IP traffic through a network interface [Windows 8+]

In a case where you have two network interfaces, eg: 4G data card and local ethernet card connect to your device and you would like traffic to a specific destination to go via a preferred network interface, PS code below could guide you through it.

E.g ps code below shows the route to to go through interface 4, this is done by setting a lower route metric than the other interface card.

# you can determine your adapters with Get-NetAdapter
Get-NetAdapter -IncludeHidden
# then you can see what routes are associated with what adapter interface (lets assume your wifi interface is 4 and your loopback is 1)
Get-NetRoute -AddressFamily IPv4
# you will get your specific interface index, destination prefix, nexthop and the routemetric
# you can then set a specific route policy using:
New-NetRoute -DestinationPrefix "" -InterfaceIndex 1 -RouteMetric 256
New-NetRoute -DestinationPrefix "" -InterfaceIndex 4 -NextHop10.1.1.1 -RouteMetric 0
# you can modify the configuration with:
Set-NetRoute -DestinationPrefix "" -InterfaceIndex 4 -NextHop192.168.10.1 -RouteMetric 0
# finally, you can remove the specific route or all the routes with:
Remove-NetRoute -DestinationPrefix "" -InterfaceIndex 1 -Confirm:$false
Remove-NetRoute -DestinationPrefix "" -Confirm:$false

Credit to Brandon Records

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