Extract ICA client public IP from ADM/MAS HDX INSIGHT data

If you tasked to find the public IP for all your ICA clients you will be surprised to know the Citrix monitoring/ODATA in virtual apps and desktops do not have this data.

If you have Citrix ADM/MAS in place and your ADC/Netscaler is on Premium/Platinum license, you are in luck and this could be your source for this kind of data but it doesn’t have a data export function from the web UI. This is where NITRO comes to the rescue, In fact, the Web interface for ADM/MAS gets the data through the NITRO API resources behind the scenes.

Here are some URLs that could help get the data you may seek, initially to explore the data you may start off by just navigating to these URL paths directly using any web browser. you will be prompted for credentials which would your ADM/MAS login. If it piques your interest, you may move to POSTMAN or PowerShell to automate & filter JSON responses.

Active ICA Sessions


Historical ICA Sessions


Both URLS above provide a JSON response with intresting fields eg: client_version, client_type, client_ip_address, terminated_reason etc..

For the full list of fields refer to https://github.com/citrix/mas-nitro-api-reference/blob/master/docs/configuration/analytics/hdx-insight/ica_session.md

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