PowerShell code to remove DriveLetters for “System Reserved”Partition and CD-ROM

Depending on how the OS is installed, with Citrix PVS capture you may end up with “System Reserved” partition consuming a drive letter, Code below could be used during a machine startup script to provide a clean user experience. Also, included CD-ROM which I used for PVS BootISO and it is not really needed once the OS is loaded. Code validated on Server 2012 R2.

$SystemReservedDriveLetter=(Get-Volume | where {$_.FileSystemLabel -eq "System Reserved"}).DriveLetter
if ($SystemReservedDriveLetter -match  "[a-z]")
	mountvol "$SystemReservedDriveLetter`:" /d
$CDDriveLetter=(Get-Volume | where {$_.DriveType -eq "CD-ROM"}).DriveLetter
if ($CDDriveLetter -match  "[a-z]")
	mountvol "$CDDriveLetter`:" /d

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