Citrix ADC – Upgrade in HA Environment

Steps from bottom to top

new secondayset HA node -haSync ENABLED 
new primaryset HA node -haSync ENABLED 
new secondayRebooting Citrix ADC
new secondayVerifying task completion
new secondayInstalling Citrix ADC using build-12.1-60.19_nc_64.tgz
new secondaytar xvfz build-12.1-60.19_nc_64.tgz
new secondaycd /var/nsinstall
new secondayshell
new primaryforcefailover -f
secondayRebooting Citrix ADC
secondayVerifying task completion
secondayInstalling Citrix ADC using build-12.1-60.19_nc_64.tgz
secondaytar xvfz build-12.1-60.19_nc_64.tgz
secondaycd /var/nsinstall
primaryset HA node -haSync DISABLED 
secondayset HA node -haSync DISABLED 
primarysave config
primaryUploading file build-12.1-60.19_nc_64.tgz to Citrix ADC
secondayUploading file build-12.1-60.19_nc_64.tgz to Citrix ADC
secondayVerifying device backup

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