Citrix PVS Server Tweaks

Streaming Port re-configured from 6910 to 6968 (default 6910 – 6930). Threads per port set to match the vCPU number. VM level set virtual sockets to vCPU number and the cores per socket to one. Leave the rest advanced options to be unchanged. Ref:  

Reboot Wyse ThinOS device outside WDM

Step 1: Enable SNMP via Global INI Service=snmpd disable=no community=public Note: Reboot the wyse client after the ini is set. Step 2: Send reboot command via snmpset snmpset.exe -r: -c:”public” -o:. -val:0 -tp:int for snmpset please visit Reboot immediately -val:0  Reboot with a minute delay -val:1 Parameters -r:host Name or network address (IPv4/IPv6) of remote host. …

Netscaler two arm deployment (multiple network interfaces)

Collection of useful information ref > Binding-Multiple-IP-Addresses-to-an-Interface-of-a-NetScaler-Appliance  

Installing Applications on RDS/XenApp

Install Mode Admin token CMD >  change user /install Execute Mode Admin token CMD >  change user /execute Notes: change user /query provides the current mode state. when the machine reboots it resets to execute mode. install mode facilitates the capture of user application settings (registry etc..) during the install and apply’s them to multi-user  sessions …

Things to consider when decommissioning Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop Site(Controllers)

Make sure those controllers are not used as Secure Ticket Authority (STA) in the Netscaler Access gateway; if so replace those IPs with the new controller IPs. same goes with Web Interface gateway configuration.  – This is very important else you will break remote access. shutdown and remove the Virtual Machines from Citrix Studio. uninstall Director …

Powershell Snippet – Retrieve Citrix Endpoint Name from WFAPI

[code language=”powershell”] $code = @’ using System; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; namespace WFAPI { public enum WF_INFO_CLASS { WFVersion, // OSVERSIONINFO WFInitialProgram, WFWorkingDirectory, WFOEMId, WFSessionId, WFUserName, WFWinStationName, WFDomainName, WFConnectState, WFClientBuildNumber, WFClientName, WFClientDirectory, WFClientProductId, WFClientHardwareId, WFClientAddress, WFClientDisplay, WFClientCache, WFClientDrives, WFICABufferLength, WFLicenseEnabler, RESERVED2, WFApplicationName, WFVersionEx, WFClientInfo, WFUserInfo, WFAppInfo, WFClientLatency, WFSessionTime, WFLicensingModel } public class Program { [DllImport("wfapi.dll", CharSet=CharSet.Unicode,SetLastError=true)] public …

Maintenance tip for XenServer Hosting XenDesktop

Need to apply a patch or Driver update on a production Xenserver that needs a reboot? Steps Using workload balancing appliance; exclude the host for placement Run the following script on the XenDesktop controller which shuts down the machines that are on Ready state [sourcecode language=”powershell” wraplines=”true” collapse=”false”] #Maintenance XenServer XDXS07 Get-BrokerDesktop -HostingServerName XDXS07 | …

Running Group policy update on all computers in parallel using powershell

User Case: Made a group policy update and want all the machines to pick up the update. especially  in VDI (XenDesktop/View) environment. [code language=”powershell”] $computers = 1..333 | % { "CTX-XD-WIN7" + $_.ToString("000")} Invoke-Command -ComputerName $computers -ScriptBlock {gpupdate /force /target:computer} [/code]

Extract driver from any LENOVO package (exe)

  <PACKAGE>.exe /VERYSILENT /DIR=<PACKAGEPATH> /Extract=”YES”   Silent switches to install the driver can be found in a xml which can be retrieved by replacing  the .exe of the driver url with _2_.xml eg:

Install HP SNMP Agents for Citrix XenServer 6.x

Download latest SNMP Agents from in this case, the download link is hp-agents-xs.iso extract the iso using 7-zip to a folder and copy the contents of this folder to /tmp of your xenserver using winscp ssh in to your xenserver using root account and run sh /tmp/hp-agents-xs/ Console output

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